World Cup Vista
Rio Downhill
returns to
Rio de Janeiro
in November
9th to 11th

in November 9-11, the monument Vista Chinesa (“Chinese View”) will stage the World Cup Vista Rio Downhill of skateboarding, main competition of the gravity sport in the world, which will gather the best athletes competing for the 2018 title in each curve. The Brazil race is the last in the first division of skateboarding circuit, which passed through Australia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Italy, the U.S. and Peru.

After the FIFA World Cup (2014) and the Olympic and Paralympic Games (2016), Rio de Janeiro was consolidated as a destination for the main sports events in the world. This event aims to encourage gravity sports in Brazil, to attract even more followers. With a start line at historical landmark Mesa do Imperador (“Emperor´s Table”), the event will take place in one of the most beautiful tourism attractions in Brazil, Vista Chinesa, at the top of the Tijuca National Park, from where it is possible to have an incredible view of a large part of the city.

The asphault on the track is perfect, it has been completely rebuild for the 2016 Olympic Games. The speed bumps will be withdrawn for the championship.

It is a fast track, with several corners, that requires a lot of technique and concentration of the competitors. We have no doubt that it will be the best track on the world tour.

The registration is open.

You can't register without IDF membership.
If you are not a member, the Vista Rio Downhill organization will pay your IDF membership fee. So, you will only have to pay the registration of the race. www.internationaldownhillfederation.org

For succesfull registration for vista rio downhill 2018 you have to pay the admission for the number of categories you want to race.

once you're succesfully registred, your name is shown in the list on IDF page.





Camila / Erika
+55 21 3085-1054
special table Chinese view > 27 minutes by car - 7,9km
Ipanema Beach > 13 minutes by car - 4.0km
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas > 09 minutes by car - 2,9km
Pedro Coelho
+55 (21) 98485-5138
+55 (21) 995868812
10% discount + discount on breakfast and lunch (does not include discount at the hostel's bar) Chinese view > 48 minutes by car - 13,4km
Ipanema Beach > 02 minutes on foot - 170m
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas > 07 minutes on foot - 550m
+55 (21) 3202-2693
+55 (21) 9.8529-1884 (whatsapp)
10% on the daily Chinese view > 37 minutes by car - 10.2km
Ipanema Beach > 06 minutes on foot - 450m
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas > 05 minutes on foot - 350m
+55 (21) 2512-8076
10% on the daily Chinese view > 30 minutes by car - 10km
Ipanema Beach > 04 minutes on foot - 300m
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas > 08 minutes on foot - 600m
+55 (21) 3083-5031
10% for each Athlete Chinese view > 38 minutes by car - 11,3km
Ipanema Beach > 02 minutes on foot - 220m
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas > 15 minutes on foot - 1,2km
Denise Ishikawa
+55 (21) 99615-5515
+55 (21) 2493-6809
10% on the daily Chinese view > 30 minutes by car - 17km
Ipanema Beach > 20 minutes by car - 15,4km
Barra da Tijuca Beach (Pepê) > 15 minutes on foot - 1,5km